Dragon from beads

The theme of fairy dragons, perhaps, neverWill lose its relevance. If just beautiful plant elements or beaded bracelets got bored a bit, it's worth trying to weave something original. There are several basic techniques, how can we drag a dragon out of beads.

We suggest to consider the most elegant way, which can then be used to create an ornament.

How to make a dragon bead?

For work we will need beads of different sizes. One large bead is needed for the base, it will be skirted by our dragon from beads. Two beads are 6 eye sizes, two colors of cylindrical beads, and two colors of beads 11 and 15 in size. For the body of our dragon, made by ourselves, we will use beads of 8 sizes.

Well, now let's go directly to the scheme, how to weave from the bead of the dragon:

  1. So, fix our bead with a thin cord and start it with beads. We thread the cord in such a way that it circles half of the bead. The first row of beads is 15 size.
  2. Dragon from beads 1

  3. And now we start step by step to braid the bead. A row of gray beads 15 p-ra, 3 rows of a combination of 1seraya + 2 black beads, followed by a row of black beads of 11 sizes and a series of 8th. If instead of a thin wire we use a fishing line, we hide its end and cut it off.
  4. Dragon bead 2

  5. Further we will need decorative beads of cylindrical shape. We will alternate with the usual ones. In the last row, 9 or 10 such beads are produced.
  6. Dragon from beads 3

  7. Now regarding the body of our dragon from beads. In fact, it's something like a tourniquet. The red dots indicate the location of the eyes, red dots indicate the last row of the neck.
  8. Dragon of beads 4

    Dragon from beads 5

  9. Now go to the crest on the dragon's head, made by own hands. First fix, as shown in the photo, 6-8 beads at the top of the head. Next, make a triangular piece with a constriction to the head.
  10. Dragon of beads 6

    Dragon of beads 7

  11. We fasten a metal ring so that we canDo from figure decoration. To do this, pass through the line several beads and make a ring, a couple of times we cut the line to make the anchorage reliable.
  12. Dragon from beads 8

    Dragon from beads 9

  13. Next, let's take the last part of the master classDragon of beads-tail. Technology does not particularly differ from the weaving of the body. First, the plait in the same way as they worked with a large bead, and then several rows of beads in staggered order. With the end we begin to narrow down a little to seven beads.
  14. Dragon from beads 10

  15. Then start using beads 15 r-ra. It is more convenient to start narrowing approximately from the middle of the main bead. The photo clearly shows this transition.
  16. Dragon from beads 11

  17. First three rows of 15 p-ra of black color, then add a gold one in staggered order join the rows.
  18. Dragon of beads 12

  19. The scallop on the end of the tail is done on the same principle as the crest on the head.

Dragon from beads 13

Dragon of beads 14

Dragon from beads 15

Dragon of beads 16

Master class, how to make of the dragon beads, is finished and as a result you get a beautiful suspension for keys or mobile, which can also be used as a pendant or brooch detail.

Dragon from beads 17