For today, the choice of fabrics is soIt is huge that if you have to choose, the head goes around. Especially if it concerns children's clothes. Because for children synthetics are categorically contraindicated. Firstly, in such clothes the skin does not "breathe", and secondly, when you wear it, you can feel discomfort.

Therefore, choose clothes should be natural,Especially the one that comes in contact with the body: underwear, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Then there will be no allergy or irritation. Clothing made from high quality knitwear is an ideal option for both children and adults.

Knitwear "lacoste" - what kind of fabric?

The variety of jersey is not just a lot, butInfinitely many. It can be of different composition, different pattern, different density. Of all kinds of knitwear, you can distinguish a special - "lacoste". What is this fabric? How does it look and what is it?

"Lacoste" - knitwear with an octagonal weave. Its basis is natural fibers, which are intertwined in a combined way. The surface of this jersey can resemble a different size relief scar or a pattern in the form of a geometric diamond or square.

Knitwear "lacoste" has good characteristics - heVery soft and insanely pleasant to the body, which makes it comfortable to feel in both heat and cold. On products sewn from it, no spools are formed, and after washing the thing does not lose shape.

Whether or not the "lacoste" tissue is stretched or tilted - this questionUnequivocally impossible to answer. It all depends on the density of the material. Remember, for example, a collar on a man's or a female polo shirt, he is also made of the fabric "lacoste". The denser the fabric, the less viscous it is.

Composition of the fabric "lacoste"

Knitted fabric "Lacoste" is made from 100% cotton. At the same time, cotton is selected for its higher quality. But recently they began to practice the addition of other fibers

Lacoste Corn Cloth

(Polyester, viscose, elastin) in the composition, but not more than 2%.</ P>

Fabrics of "lacoste" and "corn"

"Corn" - a fabric that resembles in structureMaterial "lacoste". It is made from corn polymer fiber. And as we know, products that are made on the basis of a polymer compound are synthetic. Thus, the fabric of "corn" is 100% synthetic.

But this tissue has a number of positive qualities. It perfectly absorbs moisture, it dries superbly, pleasant to the touch, does not burn out in the sun, elastic, perfectly warms. And the greatest advantage of the "corn" tissue is that it is hypoallergenic, although synthetic.