durian fruit

Tropical countries are rich in exotic fruits,whose taste is unknown to us. One of them will be discussed in this article. Today we will get acquainted with a marvelous exotic fruit, which is called durian.

General information

The durian plant belongs to numerousthe genus of the Malvows. These evergreen trees are abundant in the forests of the south-eastern part of Asia. The fruits of durian are very large (weight reaches four kilograms) and have excellent natural protection. Their thick shell is covered with long, strong spines, and the skin of the open fetus has a very bad smell. To understand what the durian smells, it is enough to hear what its smell compares the local population, calling it "the stench of hell." Such a specific smell of fruit due to the large accumulation in its skin of sulfur of organic origin. We think that after you feel this smell, you will immediately understand why you can not take durian out of the country, and also go with him to public places. But the smell, as well as appearance, is deceptive, because in fact the taste of this fruit is very similar to the aromatic creamy vanilla cream. Let's find out how to properly eat durian.

How is durian?

If the fruit is mature, then it can simply be brokenhands on the lobules and remove the flesh. But for this it is better to get gloves, because his thorns are very annoying. The second reason why you should not touch your peel with your hands is an unusually pungent smell, which you can not wash off with any detergent. For the durian who recently became aware of the taste of taste, the first few times it is recommended to eat it in the manner of drinking strong spirits. Exhale the air, put a piece in his mouth and chew. And about a miracle! It opens a magnificent taste, which does not fit in with an unbearable smell. The fruit of durian leaves a wonderful aftertaste of the most delicate tropical fruits, chocolate and vanilla. In fact, a foul smell produces only the skin of the plant, and the fruit itself has a completely different flavor. One thing should not be forgotten: durian, in addition to the mass of useful properties, which we will talk about later, can still be deadly. In particular, it is not recommended to use this fruit to people who suffer from increased blood pressure, as well as pregnant and lactating women. But the most dangerous combination is the flesh of durian and alcohol. Anyone who decides to combine these two products, runs the risk of changing the beach lounger to a hospital bed.

Interesting Facts

You will be surprised to learn how and how usefuldurian. To begin with, this fruit is unique and inimitable, since only it is an edible fruit that contains sulfur of organic origin. This element is one of the most important components for the growth of healthy cells of the entire human body. Organic sulfur serves as a "fuel" for triggering natural processes of rejuvenation and cleansing the body of toxins. The flesh of this fruit can normalize the level of sugar in the blood of a person, because sulfur is a part of insulin. Proceeding from this, it is possible to come to the conclusion that if the "food of the gods" grows on the earth, then it is durian.

durian plant

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Despite the fact that this fruit is growing in abundance,the local population uses it very rarely. The reason is its high price, because even at a time when these fruits are the most in the market, only for one piece of pulp of durian the price can reach several dollars.

After you have learned where the durian grows, andas it is, if you have the opportunity to try this marvelous fruit, then by all means use it. You will be genuinely surprised at how much the taste may differ from the smell.

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