Avocado fruit or vegetable

Many buyers when choosing exotic fruits, can not decide: avocado - fruit or vegetable. Some call this fruit fruit, others call it a vegetable. Someone thinks the avocado is a berry or even a nut.

Avocado is a fruit, a nut, a vegetable or a berry?

The mysterious avocado really brought confusion to theMind of people and divided them into different groups according to perception. Perhaps to clarify the situation you need to turn to biology. Following the scientific interpretation, the avocado is properly called a fruit, since the fruits grow on trees. In addition, the fruit of the avocado has a hard bone in the core, like most garden crops.

But the composition of the fruit more like a vegetable. In the flesh of the fruit there is a large concentration of substances and sugars, which are not characteristic of fruit. According to Ozhegov, any juicy fruit, regardless of their form and sugar content, should be referred to fruits. So, avocado is, after all, a fruit. But with one reservation.

The taste of avocado can be compared with the taste of an immaturePumpkin or pear. The more the fruit pulp is ripe, the more the taste and consistency of the fruit changes. The flesh of the ripe avocado fruit is even compared with the taste of butter. And the aftertaste differs even more strongly. Some even compare it to nuts and greens.

Some fans of overseas fruit can notCall avocado fruit because of the taste characteristics of the fetus. Well, in no way it does not look like a fruit taste. All the same, fruits belong to the same class of plants. But, perhaps, this is the distinctive feature of the avocado, its advantage. Mid-ripened avocado fruits are distinguished by neutral taste. This makes it possible to combine fruit with any other food.

In this case, it is referred to as a vegetable forGarnish. It is added to various dishes, put in a salad, which is seasoned with sour or salted sauce. Basically, here it is a question of second dishes. Very few recipes with avocados for desserts. But full of recipes with avocados for salads, various snacks, pates, sandwiches, minced meat.

It so happened that lime and lemon became the constant companions of this fruit. Citrus fruits help preserve the taste and color of the dish with the avocado, not allowing it to oxidize in the air.

With all these nuances in mind,That nature has endowed the avocado with a wide variety of properties. Fruits grow on trees, besides, on evergreen plants. The flesh of the fruit in composition, taste and properties is more like a vegetable. The juiciness of the fetus depends on the conditions of the growth of the avocado. This is a very photophilous and hygrophilous plant.

Today avocados are mainly grown inIndustrial scales. Moreover, in agricultural terminology it is often possible to meet the description of an avocado, like berries, which has a round or oval shape and a hard greenish-chestnut peel. If you cut off the top layer of the fruit, it gets a darker shade. And if it's still a berry, then it has very unusual dimensions (12-25 cm long and weighing up to 1.8 kg).

And if you consider that the fruit has an oily texture and produces a slight nutty flavor, it is more likely

Avocado berry or fruit

Not a berry, but a nut. There are still a lot of disputes about what to consider as an avocado. It's a nut or a fruit or a vegetable. And maybe - a berry. Well no. It's a nut. Many begin to get confused in the descriptions and their perception of exotic fruits.</ P>

But still, most are used to calling avocadosFruit. By analogy with any fruit growing in the middle latitudes. The peculiarity of this plant is that only the fruit of a tree with a juicy pulp is used for food. But only without pits. They can cause intoxication. In the native land of the plant - in Mexico or in Central America - these properties of the fetus are very well known.