How to grow watermelon in a dacha

Lovers of juicy melon berry with pleasureThey will want to try to grow it at their dacha. Such a product will be 100% natural and useful, without pesticides and other harmful additives. So, how to grow a watermelon in a garden - let's find out.

Where are watermelons grown?

The best watermelons grow in warm regions,Because they are very demanding of light and heat. However, if the average daily temperature in your region of residence in the summer is not below + 18..20 ° C, you can easily try to grow early ripening varieties of watermelons, for example - Sugar Toddler or Ogonyok.

As a soil for growing watermelons is betterA super sandy, which warms well in the sun, is suitable. A heavy and too moist soil is not suitable at all. On acidic soil, small fruit will grow, so it is better that it has a neutral acidity.

How to grow a watermelon?

Seeds before planting should be soaked in water at50 ° C, wait until they prokslyutsya. After that, they can be sown in the soil, which has already warmed up to + 12..14 ° C. This happens usually in the 20-th of May. But if the weather is unsuitable, it is better to postpone the landing.

Seedlings will appear after 8-10 days. To accelerate this moment, apply all kinds of covers. But if you grow watermelons under a film, you will have to pollinate them yourself. Or you can attract bees by planting a number of flowers, honey-plants.

Watering watermelons is necessary as the soil dries up. It is also necessary to loosen and weed often. Since the plant is photophilous, it is good to grow a watermelon in the open ground on the trellis, so that there is good access to the sun's rays.

If you know how to grow watermelon in a dacha, you are aware that the maturity period is about 75 days. When you tap a crust of fruit, you will hear a sonorous sound - time to harvest.