Flowering cacti

Cacti have long been successfully grown inhome conditions. They are unpretentious in their care, and under certain conditions they bloom very colorfully and unusually. The appearance of a blooming cactus in most people is a genuine delight. Let's find out which cacti are blooming at home, in order to certainly acquire this decorative plant.

Cacti, blossoming at home

  1. Mammillaria. Perhaps the most common homecactus, has a globular shape, blooms with a pink flower that appears on the top of the cactus. The plant has long and soft needles covering the body of the cactus, like hairs. It is an unpretentious indoor flower, blossoms begin at a young age.
  2. Gimnokalitsium. Its second name is Notoktus. Like the previous one, this blooming cactus begins to bloom at a young age. Flowers are white, pink or red. The plant is very compact and colorful, as it blooms quite often.
  3. Prickly pear. This cactus grows snow-white flowers and edible fruits. The spines of this plant hurt painfully. The main two kinds of prickly pears are small-beaked and needle-shaped.
  4. Saguaro (Carnegie). The plant reaches a gigantic size,but at a young age can grow at home. Blossoms with white flowers. And the flowers open at night and close in the daytime.
  5. Rainbow echinocactus. Blooms in figured colors up to 7.5 cm in diameter all shades of pink and purple. Begins to bloom at a young age. Flowers are located on the tops of the stems and blossom at night.

You can continue the list of flowering cactipretty long. We brought only the most common and actively growing at home. And the question of whether all cacti are blooming, the answer is definitely positive. With due care, absolutely all cacti bloom. In the wild, all flowers, including cacti, reproduce by seeds, for which they just need to blossom.