names for parrots

When a new member of the family appears in the house, everyone does notendures to come up with a beautiful and intricate name. What is the name of the parrot? I want to pick up a very sonorous and bright nickname, because she will be with the pet all his life. Names for parrots are very difficult to choose, because there are several points to consider when selecting.

If you have found reference books with nicknames for animalsand have already picked up a couple of interesting options, first think: will your pet be able to pronounce his name? This applies to talking parrots, after all, it is often selectable for training birds. Beautiful names for parrots should also be available to their owners.

Experts advise when choosing a name for parrots to follow certain rules:

  • pick names with hissing sounds "h" and "to", it's these sounds that are easiest to say to your pet;
  • parrots are very fond of saying "snarling" sounds, so you can come up with a name with the sound "p", most likely, the pet very quickly will love its name;
  • parrots utter the words in a sing-song manner, so that the presence of vowels in the name is mandatory;
  • difficulties will arise with such sounds as "c", "z", "c", but it is really difficult for a bird to pronounce the sounds "m", "l", "n".

Names for parrots

If you set out to pick up your petexotic or romantic name, it is necessary to think a little. Names for parrots are not just a way to emphasize your love for the pet, this name will accompany the bird all his life. For example, a ridiculous fervent name will always raise the mood to others, the bird will necessarily react to it. A complex and intricate name can impose a certain imprint on the character of the bird: the more difficult the name, the more bizarre may be the temper of your pet.

Be sure to avoid the similarity of the name of the bird with the name of one of the family members. This will only be confused with the parrot.

Name of the boy parrot

If you do not plan to train a bird of speech, the nameyou can pick up absolutely anyone. It's slightly harder to find a name for a talking parrot. The selection principle is outlined above, but here are a few variants of the name for the parrot-boy:

  • Arik, Tisha, Arkasha, Yasha, Arkhip, Tory, Archie;
  • Borya, Golden Eagle, Fedya, Chucha;
  • Zheka, Zhora;
  • Kesha, Kirill, Prosh, Rubik;
  • Chizhik, Shurik.

Names for undulating parrots-girls

When choosing a name for your pet, remember that youwill pronounce it daily. Very good for the name of a combination of two identical syllables: Coco, Chichi, Rara. You can emphasize the name of the behavior or the external color of the bird. The name of the parrot girl can be chosen universal or ordinary, and you can fantasize a little. Here are a few options:

  • Basia, Vesta, Viola, Gressy, Julia, Desi, Jeanne, Zora, Zara;
  • Irma, Zura, Coca, Zita, Lana, Linda, Laura, Mary;
  • Terra, Sarah, Uma, Flora, Tsatsa, Tsypa, Jashma, Era, Elba.

Keep in mind that choosing a purely feminine ora man's name can be when you are fully confident in the field of your pet. If you do not want to take risks, or just do not find the right one, try picking up the name among the universal names for parrots:

    beautiful names for parrots

  • Hera, Desha, Christie, Fanya, Fasya, Tosha, Mickey, Leka, Zheka, Fenya, Tyusha.

When you have decided on the choice of name, trypronounce it smoothly. Be sure to speak in a calm and loving voice, this will facilitate the process of getting used to the name of the bird. In addition, your pet will understand that this set of sounds carries no danger to him.

Over time, the bird will learn the name and will be constantlyto pronounce it. Do not forget to constantly refer to the pet by name, to pronounce various sentences with him. Thus, the bird will gradually learn to pronounce the simplest words that you uttered with his name.