Toys for parrots by own hands

Curiosity can boast almost everythingtypes of parrots. These living beings simply love to play, to study something, they constantly try to find themselves some kind of boring occupation. If they are not allowed to do this, the birds get angry, pluck feathers or even try to bite. To diversify even a little their closed world help self-made toys for parrots. Make them not so difficult, the main thing is that these products meet the basic needs of our feathered pets.

How to make toys for a parrot?

  1. Tools and materials for the production of toys- several meters of thread, a bell, a circle of plastic (it is possible from a broken child's rattle), scissors, balls, bright decorative buttons or beads.
  2. Toys for parrots by one's own hands 1

  3. We bind a bunch of yarns in the middle into a kind of bundle.
  4. Toys for parrots by own hands 2

  5. We tie a long thread to our workpiece, pass the ball through it and fix it with a knot.
  6. Toys for parrots by hand 3

  7. In the same way, we thread and fix on the thread one by one the other decorative ornaments.
  8. Toys for parrots by own hands 4

  9. We already know what toys a parrot needs, so the final stroke will be the circle and the ringing bell set on it.
  10. Toys for parrots by own hands 5

  11. The musical toy turned out beautiful and bright, it just like your feathery pet.
  12. Toys for parrots by own hands 6

  13. If the constant ringing starts the hostess to annoy, then you can change the bell to a beautiful button or bead.
  14. Toys for parrots by their own hands 7

  15. In a cage, toys for parrots, made with their own hands, will also look very impressive.
  16. Toys for parrots by own hands 8

What toys like parrots?

Parrots scary love to peck, chew something,turn things into small chips. Ecological compatibility is the most important criterion when choosing a toy material. You can take only things made of bark, straw, paper, leather cord, durable fabric, clean wood. Parrots adore such products that ring, thunder, produce various other sounds. Also can be used in mirror toys. One kind of possible interlocutor will delight the bird.

The desire to explore new corners, somewherehide - that's another need of your bird. To help in this, you can make or buy bright beads, something like a puzzle, having built an original house shape or shelter from plywood or coconuts. For the development of muscles, the need to splash out their accumulated activity, various toys for wavy parrots in the form of a ladder, swings, all kinds of devices that can climb or jump without end, moving around the cage, will do.