Clicks for parrots

Parrots, probably the most unpretentious onespets. They do not take up much space and do not cause difficulties in care. Having chosen a bird, be sure to give her the correct and interesting name, because you will not have to communicate with her for a year or two. On average, parrots live for ten years. And there are representatives of the genus feathered who can rejoice you for twenty-five years.

The names for the parrots are varied, mostlyuse abbreviated human names or the nicknames of the protagonists of cartoons. The nickname is given once, therefore it is necessary to take the choice seriously. Try not to give the bird a name that already exists in your family or in a circle of communication. The parrot should know that the nickname concerns it.

The problem you can face is to correctly determine the gender of the pet. If this creates difficulties, then the name should be neutral and suitable for both boys and girls.

Marks for parrots of boys

Some experts advise not to rush to choose a name. The parrot should visit at home and show its character and behavior. Boys can be called by such names:

  • parrots who are silent: Caesar, Felix, Arnold, Christian, Viking;
  • representatives of talking birds: Gosha, Tisha, Stesha, Shurik, Kuzya, Nick, Roy, Carlosha, Kesha;
  • boys, who differ in character features: Grumbling, Tornado, Igorsha, Zzhik, Tishka, Kopusha;
  • universal names: Makar, Flint, Tim, Fritz, Bruce, Alex, Troy.

Marks for girls parrots

If you correctly made sure that you have a girl, then it is better to give her a name that is tender and beautiful. You can use these recommendations:

  • romantic names: Rosetta, Marcelia, Francesca, Zulfia, Carmen, Chaseta, Aphrodite, Nymph;
  • nicknames for non-speaking breeds: Gypsy, Alka, Chloe, Gerda, Lisa, Nancy, Zlata, Ornetta, Rochelle;
  • complex names: Mary Popins, Mary Ivanna, Cathy's Duster;
  • names from famous foreign films: Claudia, Isis, Undine, Josephine, Olivia.

Clicks for undulating parrots

Wavy parrots live on average aroundfifteen years, multiply well and very easily become family members. Can imitate human voices and bird singing. When choosing a name, it is necessary to take into account the ability to reproduce human speech by these birds.

The names for wavy parrots of boys are chosen according to the following peculiarities:

  • in the name there should be hissing consonant sounds and vowels "I" and "E": Abrasha, Venya, Arkashka, Hamlet, Bush, Shurik, Grisha, Gosha;
  • You can emphasize the peculiarities of the bird's behavior by name: Ogonek, Pyzhik, Tishka, Hurricane, Schumacher, Commander;
  • you can choose from human names or interesting nicknames: Petka, Petrushka, Toto, Zephyr, Ostap, Taras, Yasha, Pirate, Silver, etc.

When choosing names for wavy parrots of girls, one should use the same principles.

Parrot Parrots

Corellas belong to the talking types of parrots. They can reproduce household noise, repeat words, sounds, speak phrases. They are also called nymphs, and they have a tuft on their head. Corella very much loves society, easily tamed and gives in to training. Since in this form of birds it is very difficult to identify a male or female, then the nicknames for parrot korella are better to choose universal.

When choosing a nickname, consider some rules:

  • nicknames for parrots of wavy

    when learning they are easier to perceive growling and hissing sounds;
  • the name of the bird should not be similar to the nicknames of other pets;
  • There are universal names for this breed: Basie, Roni, Stacy, Arnie and Deszzy.

Try to choose from such:

  • for males: Isaac, Archie, Vzhik, Thunder, Icarus, Zorro, Lavrenty, Tristan, Shrek, Jupiter, Yarik;
  • for females: Asha, Asya, Bertha, Vicki, Asha, Zlata, Cyrus, Mashka, Pusia, Ursula, Frosya, Chacha, Erica, Jasper.