How to name the boy's parrot

Many when choosing a petstop on parrots. This is not surprising, because these feathered friends have a number of attractive characteristics. In addition to cheerful disposition, mobility and beautiful chants, some types of parrots are able to reproduce human speech and parody individual sounds.

It should be noted that it is the malesshow more pronounced abilities for this skill. It is proved that the male living alone is more active and diverse, he is faster learning to pronounce words. This does not apply to all parrots, but to some species, in particular, to budgies.

But when the choice of the pet and the cage for it is made, there is no less important task - to give it a name. How is it better to call the boy's parrot?

What influences the choice of a name for a parrot?

The name of the pet is not just a set of sounds. This is his brief description. Therefore, bringing in the parrot's house do not rush to call it, first watch it. Color of plumage, temperament, friendliness or vice versa detachment can be partially displayed in the name. In addition, the appearance of the parrot will also tell you which way to move. For example, on how to name the male wavy parrot will depend, whether he can easily reproduce his name. Agree, a long and ornate word can not be under the power of a pet. For such parrots I recommend to choose short, sonorous names with a sonorous sound "p" or with pronounced sizzling. For example: Arik, Arkasha, Garik, Lorik, Patrick, Kesha, Gosha, Antosha, Pasha, Gesha, Trisha, Chisha, Tisha, Yasha. Such words are easily pronounced and quickly remembered.

When giving a name to the boy, you can not break the headhow to call such a parrot - pick any beautiful and majestic name akin to his appearance, to your taste. There is no need to think about the ease of pronunciation, because the structure of their voice apparatus will be able to reproduce any word with ease. Such pets will be given the following names at a time: Christian, Tornado, Caesar, Fernando, Marquis, Troy, Oliver, Albert, Jackson, Ricardo, Diego, Maximus, Frederic.

In reflection, how to call the boy a parrot,some are repulsed from its color - traditional yellow, blue, green or white. We are talking about such names as Lemon, Kiwi, Sea, Banana, Snowball, White, Green and the like. It's a good idea if you do not like any neutral name.

If you do not care, your parrot will speak orno, or you have acquired a form that in principle is not peculiar to talk, then choose absolutely any name that you like, even long and difficult to pronounce.

Tips for choosing a name for a parrot

  1. It is not advisable to give a bird a name that already exists in your family or with your next of kin - there may be incorrect situations.
  2. Take care that the name of the parrot is significantly different from the names of other pets, if any. He should clearly understand when they apply to him personally.
  3. Do not need to shout out a name, running around the cage, it's only sowing

    How to name the boy's parrot2

    panic in the bird. In order to quickly remember the parrot and learn the right word, it is necessary to pronounce the name often, but calmly, distinctly and slowly.
  4. If you are planning or bought a couple of parrots at once, they better give names to paired and consonant, for example, Karl and Clara, Yasha and Masha and the like.
  5. It is not recommended to display the negative aspects of the nature of the parrots in names. Such names as Grumbling, Pyshka, Skoda will look like an insult.

In any case, remember that choosing a name for a parrot is a serious matter. These pets live, as a rule, for a long time, so you have to pronounce it repeatedly.