How to call a girl a parrot

If you believe the stars, our destiny does not depend ononly from the time of birth, but also on behalf of. It guides us through life. So why do pets have to be different? Unfortunately, none of them will be able to tell if they like the name they are called. Unless some birds can pronounce it, for example, parrots. Maybe one of them will ever be indignant about the nickname. So let's think over the name of our pet, so that he and he were pleased.

How to name a female parrot?

If, you have a female wavy parrot, andyou are lost, how to name it, ask yourself which name you prefer: funny, convenient in pronunciation or, perhaps, romantic. Since parrots are usually kept in pairs, even if the female does not speak, the name of her friend will be pronounced by the male.

Come to us from far Australia wavyparrots are very chatty by nature. There are cases when the vocabulary of some individuals was more than a thousand words. However, it is noticed that it is better to teach birds to talk alone, and only then to look for a pair of them. Its name is the first word that these birds are taught to pronounce. Therefore one of the best options, how to name the girl of a wavy parrot, will be a name from two syllables with sizzling consonants or their favorite letter p. After two or three weeks of classes, you can already enjoy short conversations with your feathered darling. This may be, for example, the names of Shura, Dasha, Asha, Sherry, Shani, Jerry, Jeanne, Kerry, Kara, Rita, Rada, Chara, Chita, Chika. It should be borne in mind that your talking girl, like all parrots, will find it difficult to pronounce whistling sounds and vowels about, y, e.

Approaching the selection of a name requires a veryReally. Any attempt to rename the bird is unlikely to be successful. Try to avoid names that occur in her environment, whether animals, other birds or members of your family.

If you want to depart from the classical methodname of your bird, you can give her any name. The speaking female parrot will eventually learn to pronounce it. Some hosts give a double name, such as the Miracle Girl, the Miracle Bird or Mary Popins. In the case when the feathered girlfriend does not speak, you can call her a beautiful long romantic female name: Juliet, Assol, Alice, Esmeralda, Angelica. Varvara, Gioconda, Ariadne and others for your taste.

Sometimes parrots are called according to theircharacter. Do not rush to pick a name, watch the behavior of the female, maybe it will turn out to be a fun shod, otherwise it can not be called Shkoda, Shtuchka, Zadira or Shmyga.

How to call a girl a parrot by the color of the plumage?

The beautiful and bright plumage of a bird is often desirableto capture in her name. Today there are more than two hundred varieties of coloring these birds. If you do not know how to name a green parrot girl, you should resort to association with something green and beautiful, for example, with a flower or an eternally green plant. And easily get a cuff or fir-tree. And, that can be greener than Zelenki. Easier

How to call a girl a parrot2

just use the English translation option and give the name of Green. </ P>

Yellow is the color of the sun, gold. And there are many options for how to name a yellow parrot: Sunny, Zolotko, Zvezdochka, Zolotse, Zlata, Zlatovlask, Freckle, and the same English Goldie.

We know that there is nothing whiter than snow and wingswhite birds, images of daytime color, purity and joy. Armed with imagination, we will quickly figure out how to name a white parrot. And if we add a little bit of imagination, we will give an answer to the question of how to name the blue parrot. How many flowers around! In your cage can be Basilisk and Forget-me-not, Jasmine and Camomile, Orchid and Pearl. Names for girls' parrots are much larger than for boys, the choice is yours.