Marks for parrots of males

The choice of a nickname for a parrot, a boy in particular,far from such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. If a non-speaking bird, in principle, will suit any name, then over the choice of a nickname for a potential "talker" will have to break his head. After all, your pet should not only learn quickly, but also learn how to beautifully pronounce it.

What is the name of a parrot?

Experienced owners recommend choosing a nicknamefor parrots of males, as well as for females, be guided by certain features of the "talk" of these birds. First, parrots most easily learn sibilant sounds, as well as "k", "p" and "h" sounds. Secondly, since the parrots of the word are pronounced singing, it is good, if the nickname will be present in the nickname. "Stretching" vowels. And based on this, we can distinguish the following most popular nicknames for parrots: Arkasha (most likely, your pet will pronounce this name as Arr-ka-aaa-sha), of course, Gosh and Kesha, Petrusha, Grisha, Yasha and Yarosh, Carlos, Misha.

A parrot is a bird in itself, unusual, bright,amusing. Therefore, many owners give their names to funny feathers. Also, it's not uncommon for parrots with funny nicknames, when they say these "talkers" perfectly raise the mood to all those around them.

Advice to beginners

A small tip for the "novice" owners of parrots. If you call your pet a male (female) name, then the confidence in the sex of your pet should be one hundred percent. Otherwise, over time, you can not avoid embarrassment, if, for example, the magnificent Jacques turns out to be Jacqueline or vice versa. If there is no such certainty, it is better for a bird to give a so-called. The name is unisex, suitable both to the boy and the girl. For example, Shura, Ricky, Laurie.

Having chosen a nickname, contact the parrot, calling itthe name is clear, slow, but also emotionally enough. "Govorun" will quickly learn its name and will react to it at the first reference of the owner.