names for wavy parrots girls

No one doubts the fact thatany pet should have a nickname. If your home has a beautiful feathered animal, then you are clearly faced with the question, what are the names for the parrots? There is an opinion that birds best remember words with prolonged vowels or hissing sounds.

Popular names for girls' parrots

For the female, a variety of cute, beautifulnames or funny nicknames. It all depends on your imagination and the external characteristics of your bird. Remember that the name of the parrot should not be similar to the name of another family member or pet, if any.

For parrots girls can offer beautiful,non-standard names: Floya, Gerda, Fiona, Gloria, Rosa, Tiffany, Bianca. If you want a shorter name, it can be: Tasha, Lola, Cathy, Joo, Roni, Chloe, Elsa, Rimma, Nancy, Alka, Laura, Bella. To make it easier for your pet to pronounce your name (if she learns to talk), then choose words containing simple sibilants: Shari, Katyusha, Shura, Shally or Petty, Rita, Kiwi, Tutsi, who also have simple sound combinations for parrots. For wavy parrots of girls, human names can also perfectly suit: Arisha, Varya, Erika, Zlata, Kira, Marisha, Alina, Amalia, Vita, Vlada, Eva, Jeanne, Zina, Zoya, Inessa, Lera, Michelle, Sarah, Tina , Lisa, Dasha.

names for wavy parrots of girls1

Fans of exotic names can be offeredCall the bird: Ariana, Astena, Aelik, Bella, Brenda, Britney, Betsy, Vanessa, Viola, Virginia, Vlast, Julia, Dolari, Jela, Dinara, Josephine, Isabella, Irena, Camelia, Cana, Cetris, Crystal, Carmen, Leila Laurence, Lika, Lolita, Michelle, Maggie, Mary, Nymph, Olivia, Ophelia, Ormella, Patricia, Penelope, Prima, Radian, Sandra, Selena, Charlotte, Faina, Felica, Frau, Jashma.</ P>

The appearance of your bird, or rather its color, cantell you what name for her to choose. Variants can be different: Green, Yellow, Seaman, Snowball. If you translate colors into a foreign language, you can get the following options: Rune - means yellow, Celeste - blue, Scarlet - red. Lovers of literature can call a parrot girl: Juliet, Desdemona, Angelica or reward her with a mythological name: Athena, Aphrodite, Mavka, Nefertiti, Amazon.

In any case, the name you choose, should like first of all you and your feathered friend.