Names for wavy parrots-boys

Find the correct name for the newly madeA pet is not a simple task. The first association that occurs when you select a name for the parrot is Kesha. It's unlikely that you want to stay on such a "jaded" version. Consider that a bird can live about 10 years, which means that its name should be liked by all family members.

What is the name to give a wavy parrot-boy - ornithologists will prompt

The name for the parrot should be simple and short,to allow a feathered friend to learn it. Experienced ornithologists advise to follow certain rules. If talking about talking birds, the letters "m", "n", "l" should be avoided, they cause certain difficulties for pronunciation. The first thing to remember is that the name "k", "h", "r", sibilant - such sounds are much easier to perceive by these pets. It is very important not to "overload" the name with consonants. Parrots often as if singing something, it is much easier to pronounce the vowels. Simple in the pronunciation of "e", "e", "y", "a". Rusty, Grand, Jean, Ruta, Roda, Argo, Ricky, Frank, Andy, Yasha will do well.

Beautiful names for parrots-boys - choose wisely

The more exotic the appearance of a bird, the more exoticthere must be a name. The name for the male wavy parrot such as Roma, Kuzya, Fima, Borya, Kai is not very suitable for him. Turn on the fantasy. Good sounds Orion, Troy, Charlie, Gigol, Yuji, Norman.

Do not advise experts to burden the animala double name, for example Jean-Claude or Forest Gump. The pet can get used to it and just stop responding to any other, shorter versions. It is very important that your animal understands when you approach it.

When choosing a purely male name, you must beare confident that the parrot belongs to this particular sex. Some specimens are not easy to distinguish between male and female sex. If there is a desire and money, this will help to find out in specialized clinics with the help of DNA analysis.

Names for wavy parrots-boys1

Calling the bird a "universal" name such as Quillie, Pitta, Tresch, Dodo, Ozzie, Roni, Sunny, Hipo is the right decision.</ P>

Despite the love of family members, the animalshould have its own nickname, and not duplicate someone's name. Moreover, so there will be confusion, who exactly is called. Give a nickname that indicates the character, also not worth it - you do not yet know the animal, but already nicknamed him Grumbler, Skoda, Scream.

To teach a new friend to his name is wrongdifficult: often say it in a calm voice, but clearly, let's understand that you are addressing him specifically. Praise in the form of goodies is an excellent motivator for successful training.