Breeds of parrots

In the world there are more than three hundred species of parrots. The representative of each species in its own way is beautiful, unique and unique. Each of them can become not only an ornament, but also a full member of your family. Among the breeds of domestic parrots one can distinguish between silent and talking. Many birds perfectly simulate different sounds. Consider what the most common parrot breeds are residents of our homes and apartments.

What are the types of parrots?

  1. Budgerigar. This breed of domestic parrots is the mostwidespread in the post-Soviet space. Its representatives have miniature sizes and many variations of bright color. In addition, wavy parrots refer to representatives of talking rocks. The average life expectancy is up to 10 years.
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  3. Corrella. A parrots of medium size with a crest onhead. Takes second place in Russia for popularity, after wavy parrots. Difficult to learn. If you persist in training, you can achieve that the bird learns one, two phrases.
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  5. Individually. Beautiful representatives of the breed of domestic parrots. Interesting, mobile and practically not trained. The period of life in captivity is up to 20 years.
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  7. Jaco. Relate to the breed of large parrots, in additionthey also perfectly speak. They have beautiful gray plumage. They easily learn and perfectly imitate the human voice. The researchers proved that the bird's intelligence corresponds to the intellect of a 5-year-old child.
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  9. Canary. Not just a talking, but also a beautifully singing breed of parrots from a group of sparrow-like birds. They are very attractive with their bright lemon color, they are easy to learn.
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  11. Amazon. The life span of representatives of this breed of large parrots averages 45 years. Are prone to sudden mood swings. In addition, it is a well-trained talking breed of parrots.
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  13. Rosella. These representatives of the breed of domestic parrots differ in beautiful bright color. They sing melodiously and do not want to talk at all.
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  15. Ara. This breed of parrots is very large,up to 90 cm in length. However, this does not prevent the birds from being big favorites of the public. Due to their size, they are rarely kept at home, mostly in a circus or zoo.
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  17. Cockatoo. Are amenable to learning, but reluctant to talk. These representatives of large parrots have an extremely unpleasant and raspy voice. Love their master, great companions.
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  19. The burnt parrot. The breed of domestic parrots, which has a colorful and beautiful color. They are not entirely whimsical in content and are perfectly amenable to learning.
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