Names for girls parrots

Often, choosing a name for a new pet happensno less difficult than to make the pet itself. Especially it sways the choice of a name for girls-girls. After all, many acquire such companion animals as parrots, in order to actively interact with them, and, perhaps, learn them to pronounce certain words. The name, the nickname in this case, is what the bird learns to react first.

What is the name of the parrot girl?

If you are sorting out popular names, searching forhow to name a girl-parrot, then our small tips will help you narrow your search or even decide on a suitable option. Firstly, even if you do not plan to actively teach your parrot, you still have to choose short, sonorous and concise names that the bird can immediately identify and isolate in a speech. Most often these are names with prominent, pronounced sizzling sounds, in particular, the sound of "Sh": Masha, Shusha, Sherry, Lavrusha. Parrots quickly begin to react to nicknames of this kind.

Another sound that goes well with beginnerstalk parakeets, and attracts their attention - "R". Nicknames with a long "growl" are particularly suitable for parrot girls: Rita, Rummy, Kerry, Cora, Hera. But with the utterances of the sounds "C", "Z", "C", parrots of some breeds may have problems, so it is better to avoid them in the names of those parrots that are planned to be taught to speak. But if this is not foreseen, then such sounds are quite acceptable in the names of parrot girls: Gressy, Josephine, Tse, Cilda.

Interesting names for girls parrots

Funny names for girls parrots can bethink of yourself, but you can choose from a huge number of existing ones. One has only to pay attention to the fact that foreign nicknames sound more solemn, majestic, and Russian more gently and at home.

Names for Girls-Parrots1

Among the foreign unusual nicknames for parrotsthe following can be distinguished: Asha, Aphrodite, Aelita, Baccarat, Brenda, Brett, Viola, Vesta, Gabby, Gerda, Gloria, Daisy, Dolari, Eva, Jacqueline, Jeanette, Zora, Isabella, Kalma, Camellia, Laima, Lally, Sandra, Charlotte, Ewald, Yang.</ P>

Russian names for parrot girlsextremely popular because of the ease of pronunciation and ease of memorization. Even small children usually easily get used to calling a new pet by the nickname, in addition, they are usually formed from diminutive names, and therefore sound especially tender: Katyusha, Varyusha, Tisha, Stusha, Vasya, Zina. But sometimes quite full short names can be used: Yana, Anna, Asya, Daria, Jeanne.