types of parrots for domestic content

Among pets pet parrots meetoften. If the apartment can not contain a cat or a dog, parents buy a baby parrot, to which they attach themselves. Fans of these exotic birds celebrate some species of parrots that are best suited for home keeping.

Types of parrots for the home

Cockatoo. Cockatoos have a beautiful appearance and a cheerful nature. Birds are not very trained to talk, but they love to do tricks. Are able to express their love or discontent.

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Jaco. The parrot does not differ with bright plumage, but itbetter than all kinds of domestic parrots reproduce human speech, copying its master. One of the drawbacks of the species is the tendency to self-plucking.

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The burnt parrot. It is very difficult to win the trust of this bright bird. It brings a lot of noise, so restless life is guaranteed to you. By showing patience, you can teach your pet to say a few dozen words.

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The Amazons. Parrots have a special gift to remember words and sounds. Has a playful character and has a wonderful memory. It is the sounds he expresses his mood. The color of the plumage is dominated by green color.

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Rosella. Birds are very beautiful and have a good nature. But they belong to those kinds of parrots for domestic content, which are very difficult to teach to speak. But the perfect musical ear allows them to transmit any musical compositions with sounds.

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Non-lovers. It's nice to watch for pets, besides, caring for them does not cause much trouble. Energetic and mobile, they do not show a special desire to learn.

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Corella. Birds are pleased to be in the community of people, theireasy to tame. They do not have the ability to talk, although they easily copy other birds. Appearance of parrots attracts beautiful tufts and variety of color.

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Budgerigar. A small and charming bird often becomes a favorite of the whole family. They are talkative and sociable, are the most popular kind of parrots for home keeping.

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