Names for hamster girls

Hamster - a fairly common homemadeanimal. It does not produce unnecessary sounds, it is relatively easy to take care of, the dimensions are minimal, the cost of food is also low. The first step in taking a pet into a family is to give it a name. Hamsters live long enough, which means that the nickname should not irritate your loved ones.

What names are given to hamster girls?

In fact, there are not so many criteria. It all depends on your imagination. Often, the hosts repel the color of the animal. Red dogs often become Mandarin, Rush, Ryzhuk, Goldie. For a gray baby, it's fine - Smoke, Gray, black for Blackie.

It is better to give a name to the python starting from herfeatures: character, behavior, preferences. Lovers can eat Bounty, Cheek, Candy, Fork. If your little friend is active and nimble, think about Rocket, Bagheera. Before determining the name for the pet, you must be sure of its belonging to one or another sex. If there is at least a little uncertainty, then the name should be more neutral, for example, Citrus, Tsapka, Cent, Buggy, Evi, Delhi, Chris, Tutti.

Beautiful names for hamsters-girls to pick upeasier, than for dogs, parrots, horses. These animals in essence do not have to perform any commands or learn to repeat their name. There are no specific criteria. The main thing is that the nickname sounded good. It is not recommended to give long abstruse names. This will cause discomfort for the owners, and it will be problematic to train a pet to react to this kind of nickname.

Names for hamsters-girls of jungariki and Syrian breed

Feature of Dzhungar breed of hamsterslies in their minimalist dimensions. Usually these are aggressive, resourceful and nimble individuals. Well, if you refer to these indicators while searching for a nickname for an animal. Some experts believe that in this case it will be appropriate to product themes: Oreshek, Citrus, Walnut, Iris. The choice of names for animals with a pedigree is usually chosen according to certain rules, for example, the names of the entire brood should begin with a certain letter.

Names for hamster girls1

Syrian hamsters have golden color, dimensionsaverage. Like many individuals, they are not very active at night, but in the afternoon they can sometimes not be stopped. The distance of 6 km is the usual distance for a daily marathon. Names for Syrian hamster girls should be more tender type Agra, Bira, Beauty, Twinkie, Ode, Hershey, Dora, Boni, Clara.

In any case, the name of the hamster can be neutralor carry the name of an adored actor, a cartoon hero: Bloom, Ava, Adele, Emma, ​​Ronda, Silva, Rumba, Kwicky, Lama, Yala, Hima. It is not necessary to become attached to the habits of the individual, especially if you consider that at first you do not know how the hamster will behave in your family. Turn on the fantasy!