Fish butterfly

Butterfly fish - a fish with an original name,Inhabiting both in sea water, and in fresh water and aquariums. Depending on the habitat, it has different colors and body shape. Its unusual name for the fish received because of the bright colors and large fins, reminiscent of wings.

Description of species of fish-butterflies

Sea butterfly fish - small but very brightA fish living in wildlife. In the natural environment, these fish can be found between coral reefs, where their beauty is highlighted by the rays of the sun and clear water. Fish-butterflies are considered one of the brightest species on Earth, and they deserve their name. By structure, marine butterfly fish are characterized by a flattened body and a long dorsal fin.

Freshwater fish is found most oftenIn stagnant water, is distributed on the African continent and is inferior in color to its marine counterparts. Freshwater fish-butterfly got its name because of the wide fins, which resemble butterfly wings. In addition, this kind of fish can fly over the water a short distance. Such skills distinguish butterflies from other inhabitants of reservoirs.

Pennant fish is also found in liveNature among the reefs and deep channels. Adult individuals lead a paired way of life, while young people prefer to live alone. Pennant butterfly fish has an original color. Her flattened tall body is painted in white and black stripes, and the rear fin is yellow.

Aquarium fish-butterfly - this is oftenFreshwater fish. Its body resembles the shape of a boat and in length reaches 10 cm. In color, aquarium fish do not differ in brightness, they usually have gray, gray-green or brown hues.

Aquarium fish-butterfly differs the same jumping as its marine counterparts. That is why it is recommended to keep the aquarium closed.

Contents of butterfly fish

Butterfly fish does not like to live with individuals of a different species. Small fish can be perceived as butterfish as food, but with large fish it can engage in fights for the territory. Do not submerge those fishes that bite the fins of others, since there will be nothing left of the fins of the wings. As neighbors for the butterfly species suitable for the bottom (for example, catfish) are suitable.

Aquarium butterflies are demanding for volumeAquarium. Usually it is an 80-100 liter aquarium for several individuals. Ideally, if one fish lives in a 40-liter volume. The aquarium should be tightly closed with a glass lid without slits so that the fish can not jump out of the water and cut itself.

Butterfly fish love warm water, the temperature inThe aquarium should reach + 25-30 C. As for plants, the fish need broad-leaved species. The water level should be low, then the fish will feel calm and spend most of the time between the thickets of plants.

Pennant fish

Water should be changed every week by 15-20%, while ensuring a good filtration of the aquarium. Soil for the butterfly fish is not decisive, since it practically does not descend to the bottom.

Feeding is an important process in the contentButterflies. In nature, she prefers to pick up insects from the surface of the water, so she does not pay attention to the food on the bottom. Too small food is also not suitable for feeding. You can use large feed flakes, and also add to the diet grasshoppers, flies, cockroaches.

In aquariums with sea water also contain pennant fishes of butterflies. These species are more colorful. For example, in a marine aquarium lemon fish-butterfly of bright yellow color can settle.