Home turtles

In modern society, no one is surprisedthe contents of the turtle at home. These animals have not yet become as popular as cats, but more and more people spawn turtles as pets. It turns out that turtles are unusually sensitive creatures. They perfectly capture the mood of the owner and love when they are stroked. With good attitude and proper care, a turtle can become a friend to a person.

You can buy a turtle in any pet store. As a rule, either a water red-tailed tortoise, or a land-based Central Asian turtle, is introduced as a domestic pet. Other species of these animals are much less likely to adapt to domestic conditions. Therefore, do not look for an unusual exotic pet among turtles.

The content of land tortoises at home

Land turtle at home - fairly frequentphenomenon. In order for a land tortoise to be healthy and active, it should be kept in a terrarium. It is not necessary to buy an expensive model, as an old turquoise, the old aquarium is quite suitable as a home. The bottom of the terrarium must be covered with soil for 5 cm, so that the turtle can dig its hole. Also, there should be a small shelter in the terrarium, in which the animal can hide if necessary.

The content of a water turtle turtle at home

For redhead, as for any other waterturtles, you need a spacious aquarium. In the aquarium for the domestic turtle, there must be a land plot for which the animal can climb. Water in the aquarium should be changed regularly. Water turtles feel comfortable at home only in clean water.

The content of the marsh tortoise at home

This species is widespread in the reservoirs of our country,but falls into apartments much less often than their overseas friends. The marsh tortoise is aquatic and needs an aquarium with water. Much attention should be paid to the nutrition of the animal - the marsh turtle is a pronounced predator and from one green will quickly weaken and fall ill.

Recommendations for the maintenance of the land and water turtle at home

  1. The tortoise should always have clean water for drinking. Even if the animal drinks very little, it should never feel very thirsty;
  2. Above the aquarium or terrarium is necessaryplace a lamp that will maintain the desired temperature and illumination. For this function, a low-power incandescent bulb is suitable. The light of the lamp should be directed at one particular angle of the terrarium or on the island in the aquarium. The lamp should maintain the temperature as close as possible to the natural temperature for a turtle - from 22 to 30 degrees.
  3. Home turtle should not be released onan independent long walk around the apartment. Such walks in most cases result in illness of the animal due to drafts in the house. In addition, in the dark, a tortoise can easily step on.
  4. When keeping the sea and red-bellied turtles at home, an island of sushi must necessarily be installed in the aquarium. Without it, turtles can

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  5. In one terrarium, in no case can contain several turtles of different sizes.
  6. For animals, do not use the same dishes as for people.

Practice has shown that turtles are excellentpets and well co-exist next to a person. For owners, the main thing is not to forget that turtles, like other pets, need caring care, love and affection. Only then can a tortoise survive a long life at home.