Maintenance and care of land tortoises can deliver a lot of pleasant emotions andimpressions, both adults and children. After all, the turtle, though not particularly playful and cheerful, is part of the family that took responsibility for it. So do not neglect the rules of care for the turtle.

To the land are the Central Asian turtles. The content of the Central Asian land turtle at home is simple and takes little time. These turtles grow up to 25 cm in length and are considered large enough. For the maintenance of the terrestrial house turtles a spacious terrarium is necessary, in which it is easy to control the humidity and air temperature. Land turtles feel very comfortable in such terrariums and rarely suffer from diseases.

Some hosts believe that turtles needperiodically let out to walk around the apartment, others do not buy a terrarium and the tortoise lives on the floor. These opinions are not only erroneous, but also dangerous, and can lead to illness or death of the animal. Firstly, the turtle walking around the apartment can easily come in at night and crush it. Secondly, in such conditions, animals often catch cold. Thirdly, the turtle does not feel comfortable on the stone floor, parquet or linoleum. Land tortoises have a need to dig a hole for themselves, and on the floor they do not have such an opportunity. Experts argue that the most correct is the content of land tortoises in the terrarium.

Turtles need light and warmth. To do this, the floor of the terrarium needs to be laid with a rag bedding, and a special lamp should be placed on top of it, which will maintain the temperature 25-27 degrees. For this function, a normal incandescent lamp is excellent.

Terrarium for a turtle needs to be cleaned at least once a month. Once a week, the animal should change the water, and the soil - if necessary.

In summer, the turtle should be walking in the sun. It can be released to walk on the grass or to equip a special enclosure. Without an enclosure, the turtle must be under constant supervision, otherwise it can burrow into the ground to a depth of up to two meters.