Red-bellied turtles living in an aquarium, oftenmeet at home. These animals are popular due to their bright color and simple care. Red-bellied turtles grow quickly - only five years are necessary for a small turtle to make its shell reach 30 cm in diameter. In this article, we will try to answer the questions that most concern owners of red-bellied turtles.

How many live red-bellied turtles?

Red-bellied turtle in an aquarium

Like most turtles, red-bellied turtles live at home for a long time - about 30 years with proper care.

How to care for a red-bellied turtle?

Contain a red-bellied turtle in an aquarium. For young turtles of small sizes, almost any aquarium or terrarium will do. Terrarium for red-bellied turtles can be purchased at a pet store. For adults, aquariums are usually made to order - at least 200 liters. Red-eared turtles feel comfortable only in a spacious aquarium. The aquarium should be covered with a lid, so that the turtles can not escape from it.

Despite the fact that domestic red-eared turtlesalmost all the time spent in the water, the aquarium must necessarily be a small island, which they can easily climb. Above the island should be placed a lamp, which should warm the surface well - up to 28-30 degrees.

In a large aquarium there must be a filter for water purification. Replace all the water in a large aquarium should be as it is contaminated, and in a small one - once a month.

Red-smelling turtle should be fed animal andplant food. Her diet should be varied, otherwise the animal can get sick. Young turtles should be fed daily, after two years - enough 3 times a week.

Water red-bellied turtle, living in an aquarium,very poorly tolerates the cold. In winter, these animals should be heated with a special ultraviolet lamp 3 times a week. In summer, the turtle needs natural sunlight. To do this, the aquarium with the animal should be placed in fresh air, but avoid direct sunlight.

Unlike other species, red-bellied turtles do not fall into hibernation. Periodically, they may be less active. As a rule, this happens when the light day decreases.

How to determine the sex of red-bellied turtles?

The sex of red-bellied turtles is much easier to determine,if several animals live in the aquarium. The main distinctive feature of male turtles is a long tail, wider at the base. Female turtles are the owners of short and thin tails. Also, males have longer claws on their forepaws.

So, how to determine the sex of a young red-bell turtle is practically impossible, experts recommend doing at the age of 5-7 and, preferably, in comparison with other turtles.

Reproduction of red-bellied turtles

At home, male turtlessexual maturity to 4 years, and females to 6 years. The period of mating is from February to May. The female leaves on land to lay eggs, therefore in captivity it is necessary for animals to create appropriate conditions. Small turtles appear in the light after 105-150 days, at an ambient temperature of at least 21 degrees. The length of the newborn is 3 cm.

Diseases of red-bellied turtles and their treatment

Unfortunately, life in captivity, albeit verycomfortable, fraught with a large number of diseases for turtles. The most common disease among red-bellied turtles living in an aquarium is dermatomycosis. The most common disease occurs when the content is incorrect. The first symptom of the disease is a white coating on the corneous armor.

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Further, the animal detached the platescornea, which leads to deformation of the shell. With timely treatment of red-bellied turtles, such consequences can be avoided. First of all, it is necessary to improve the living conditions of the animal and carefully monitor its hygiene. If the symptoms do not pass, the turtle should be shown to the veterinarian. </ P>

Common diseases of red-bellied turtles -various infections, skin diseases, colds, rickets and osteoporosis. If the animal has become passive, looks bad and has lost its appetite, it is necessary to sound an alarm. Some diseases with untimely treatment can lead to the death of a turtle.