How to care for a turtle

Before buying a turtle, eachThe future owner should be familiar with the basic rules of care for these animals. Unlike the usual for us cats and dogs, turtles feel much more comfortable in the wild. In addition, turtles need constant warmth and sunlight. Therefore, it is important to create the most comfortable living conditions for these animals. In modern pet stores it is easy to purchase a turtle. As a rule, in the home conditions, there are land and water turtles, less often - marsh. Each of these types of turtles requires separate care and special conditions of detention. In this article we will tell you, How to care for the most popular kinds of domestic turtles.

How to care for a land turtle?

Care for the land tortilla isIn the creation of comfortable living conditions, nutrition and hygiene of the animal. The most common land tortilla is the Central Asian turtle. Care for the Central Asian turtle takes a little time, but it requires regular attention.

First of all, every owner should know thatThe land tortoise should live in a special terrarium. The opinion that a turtle can freely walk around the apartment and live on the floor is extremely erroneous. Unfortunately, ignorance of this important condition often leads to the death of a turtle. These animals are more prone to various viral diseases and colds, which can easily overcome a tortoise on the floor in a draft. In addition, it is not uncommon for a host in the dark to step on his pet.

When choosing a terrarium for a land tortoise,It should be borne in mind that its width should be three times larger than the width of the animal. The terrarium should comply with the temperature regime - from 22 to 32 degrees. The bottom of the terrarium should be sprinkled with soil not less than 3 cm thick. On the ground, it is necessary to place a small box in which the turtle can hide. In the warm summer, a land tortoise can be outdoors, preferably in the grass. In winter, a special lamp should be placed above the terrarium, which warms the soil and creates an imitation of the sun.

Land turtles should not cut their claws - they need them to dig holes. Ground in the terrarium needs to be replaced periodically, but not more than once a month.

Feed the land tortoise is necessary vegetable food, porridge, sometimes meat and fish.

How to take care of a water turtle?

At home, most oftenRed-water turtle. Care for the red-bellied turtle, in the first place, is to create a suitable home. Ideal home for these animals is a special aquaterrarium with a small island. Red-eared turtle loves to swim and spend 90% of the time in the water. However, the lack of a small area of ​​land in the aquarium can lead to the animal drowning. Over the island should be placed a lamp, which will maintain a temperature of 25-28 degrees.

Care for the water-red turtle consists of creating a proper diet for the animal. A red-bellied turtle should receive both plant and animal food. Moreover, this food

Care for water turtles

Should be diverse. If you feed the animal constantly with the same food, it will quickly fall ill.</ P>

In an aquarium for turtles, you should change the water once a month. In large aquariums, experts recommend placing special water filters.

Turtles are extremely sensitive animals. They quickly become attached to their masters and become real friends for a person. therefore Care for sea and land turtles Should be in the joy of their owner. Only then will the animal feel comfortable at home.