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Correct knowledge of what to feedred-turtle, are the guarantor of success in the breeding and maintenance of representatives of this species. Forage is required only fresh and high quality. It should be thawed at room temperature.

In nature, red-eared turtles seize food inwater, after which often creep out to eat it on the beach. It would be just fine to train your pet to such a ritual, because because of the frequent ingress of various animal feeds in the water, it is extremely quickly contaminated. If there is no time to learn how to feed small red-bellied turtles, you can simply transfer them to another container for lunch time, and then return them home. If too laziness has overcome, then do not give an extra amount of fatty foods like pork or capelin. If in half an hour she remained unclaimed, collect the surplus and get rid of them. For food they are no longer suitable, but clog the biofilter or create a mustiness are quite capable.

How many times to feed a red-bellied turtle?

This is the most common question among people,only beginners engaged in breeding this kind of pets. Young animals that have not reached the age of 2 years are fed once a day. But adult turtles should be treated plentifully every few days. Do not be afraid of excessive gluttony, this is inherent in red-bellied turtles.

How can you feed a red-bellied turtle?

Also a very urgent and popular question - what to feed the turtle? They can easily offer such types of food as:

  • factory feed;
  • bloodworm, worms, chopped pork or veal heart, minced meat, liver pieces;
  • small fishes;
  • vegetable fodder in the form of beet leaves, dandelion or carrots;
  • duckweed, snails;
  • sunflower seeds, beans, fruits and vegetables;
  • important nuance of how to properly feed

    turtle redhead than feed 1

    red-turtle, is to enable them to grind the horny plates of the jaws about the branches of the apple tree;
  • shrimp, mussels, squid;
  • marine fish species.

In any case, if the diet contains sea fish and seafood, they should be boiled and rid of bones.

Also, there is often a problem,how to feed the red-bellied turtle. You can give beef, poultry, horsemeat, pork and lamb. Propose this type of food should be as rare as possible, since the abuse of animal feed can lead to rickets.