Types of turtles

Among lovers of pets are turtlesAre very popular. This is probably due to the fact that most of the species of these reptiles are great for living at home. There are two kinds of turtles: land and water. Accordingly, the conditions of maintenance and care for each species - its own. Therefore, before you start a turtle, be sure to find out what it needs.

Types of land tortoises

This family includes 10 genera and 40 speciesReptiles. These reptiles are very popular in families where there are children. The most unpretentious and common, for domestic terrariums, are the following types of land tortoises:

  • Panther turtle;
  • Yellow-footed turtle;
  • Yellow-headed turtle;
  • Radiant turtle;
  • Red-legged turtle;
  • Steppe (Central Asian) tortoise;
  • Mediterranean (Caucasian, Greek);
  • Balkan turtle;
  • The Egyptian tortoise.

The maintenance in the house of species of land tortoises

These reptiles need a spacious terrariumHorizontal type, the volume of 60-100 liters, the ground - a small pebble, a thickness of 3-10 cm, it is more suitable for the movement of the animal. The width of the dwelling should be 2-3 times larger than the size of the largest turtle for free movement. Sleeping place turtle can be built from an inverted drawer with a wide opening for entry.

Since almost all species of land tortoisesLike to lie down in the water, and drink, you need to set a special capacity for bathing and drinking. In this case, the depth of the "pool" should not exceed 1/2 the height of the shell of the smallest turtle in the terrarium. House cleaning can be done at least once a day. All kinds of land tortoises live in nature in a warm climate, therefore, the temperature of the room should be in the side-altitude - 20-35 ° С.

The main food for these reptiles are vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries. Living in good conditions, land turtles are able to live about 30 years.

Types of water turtles

The most popular in our aquariums are such types as:

  • European swamp turtle;
  • Pond slider;
  • Tortoiseshell turtle;
  • Bokoshee turtle.

Conditions for keeping domestic water turtles

For these amphibians you need to purchaseAquaterrarium. A common aquarium is not suitable, as they need land. It is necessary to take into account the fact that all kinds of domestic turtles grow very quickly, therefore it is worth to take home for your pet with the calculation of 100-150 liters per turtle. The size of an adult turtle is 18-28 cm on the average, therefore in a terrarium it is necessary to create a beach on which it is possible to walk and bask.

The water temperature should not be above 21 ° C. It is desirable to light the aquarium with ultraviolet, since calcium is produced in this species of turtles only with vitamin D.

Most species of aquarium turtles -Carnivorous, so most of the diet is meat: shrimp, sea cocktail, beef liver, aquatic snails, earthworms, and occasionally chicken and beef. Adult individuals can be given fruits and vegetables: pears, apples, bananas, cucumbers, lettuce leaves.

The most popular in many countries are such species of red-bellied turtles:

    Types of turtles3

  • Yellow-bellied;
  • Cumberland.

They all have a greenish skin color and distinctive red spots on the head, resembling ears. That's why they got such a name.

This species of water turtles refers to predators soAs feeds on fish, meat, amphibians and carrion, can eat even mice and frogs. Under normal conditions of detention, these reptiles are able to live up to 40 years.

It must always be remembered that the better and more carefully you treat a turtle, the longer it will be able to live, to give joy to you and your children.