What to feed a tortoise in winter

Today, more people are starting to house differentexotic species of animals. And no less popular among such was the land tortoise. It is not so difficult to take care of it, as for some other reptiles. The only thing in your home you need to have enough space for their living, because they love space. After all, in nature, they move freely, although only a few months a year.

The contents of the land tortoise at home

Create a favorable atmosphere for them,maintain the desired temperature in the aquarium, and your tortoise will live for many years, pleasing the eye with an unusual coloring of its shell and, in general, its existence in your family. Fundamentally important points when keeping a turtle:

  1. Arrangement of "home" reptiles. For this, a glass terrarium is suitable. For small animals (15-20 cm), an area of ​​0.5 square meters will suffice. meter, and for large individuals (20-25 cm), approximately 1 square kilometer. meter. Pick up the soil and pebbles, observe the temperature inside the terrarium.
  2. Creating a microclimate. Young turtles are very in need of ultraviolet, especially in the winter. To do this, use an ultraviolet lamp. In summer, take out the reptile to fresh air.
  3. Observe the diet. It is not enough to know how to feed a turtle in the winter, you also need to know how to do it correctly. Products must be pre-washed and cut into small pieces. Feed the animal once a day.

As you can see, the rules are very simple, but they are subject to mandatory observance.

What to feed the tortoises in winter?

Experts identify several optionstop dressing: artificial and natural. Artificial are sold in stores and contain all the necessary ingredients and vitamins. But people who already hold turtles for a long time offer another alternative than feeding a tortoise in winter. In view of the fact that these animals are very unpretentious, the menu can be made up by yourself. So, at home, you can prepare yourself for additional nutrition to increase calcium. It is necessary to grind the egg shell in a coffee grinder, and mix the daily ration.

A good food for a turtle can serve as such

what to feed turtle in winter

products:</ P>
  • vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumbers);
  • fruit (apples, pears, bananas)
  • cottage cheese;
  • melons and melons;
  • hydroponic herbs;
  • berries.

It is not necessary to water a turtle, since it produces its own norm of liquid from juicy greens. In addition to natural plant foods, you can add additional vitamins and trace elements.