What to feed a red-bellied turtle?

What kind of animals are not kept in smallcity ‚Äč‚Äčapartments! Dogs and cats are no surprise. In a special favor now - various reptiles, in particular, turtles. They bribe with their calmness and majesty. Some of them, for example, red-bellied turtles, live up to 30 years, and often - even more so. They are very intelligent - much smarter than other of their armored relatives. Probably, that's why they are so popular and loved.

They have a very interesting and outstanding appearance: green (in young people) or yellow-brown (in older individuals) coat color, strong paws, and most importantly - bright red stripes on the head, which in their form remotely resemble ears. Yes, and they are located about the same - on both sides of the head.


Ideal home for red-bellied turtles areaquariums or water aquariums. They should be arranged so that the turtles, if desired, had the opportunity to dive into the water and rest on land - on some convenient stone. By the way, red-eared bugs are rather quick, they are able to move quickly, avoiding obstacles. They perfectly see, including their potential abusers, who can be dealt with in two counts with the help of their rather sharp claws.

Very tasty cabbage leaf

By the way, red-eared turtles do not have teeth. But this does not stop them from having a wonderful appetite. Many people are keenly interested in what it is possible to feed a red-bellied turtle. The good news is that these cute representatives of the kingdom of amphibians are not too picky in food. They gladly eat greens, including lake duckweed, aquarium algae. That these little gluttons do not violate the aquarium ecosystem, they must be provided with greenery from the outside. So, they with an appetite burst cabbage, salad. You can try to "put" them on carrots. The main thing is that all the products are fresh - without the slightest heat treatment.

The best delicacy is fish

However, no greens will replace the turtles fish,because they are real predators. Here you need to immediately specify what kind of fish to feed the red-bellied turtle. If nothing bad happened, turtles should not be given fatty fish such as capelin or mackerel. She surely will like them, but only after such a treat the turtle may need the help of a veterinarian. Therefore, it is better to restrict dietary species of fish - hake, pollock, cutting them into small pieces along with bones. As to whether it is better to give a fish - cheese or cooked - there is no unified opinion. Some experts say that it must necessarily be raw, others insist that they are boiled. But both of them unanimously say that eating only meat (we do not forget that we are talking about predators), turtles will "earn" themselves with rickets and only.

Menu for turtle

How often to feed a red-bellied turtle depends, infirst of all, on the age of pets. Every baby - both in humans, in dogs, and in turtles - grows intensively and almost constantly wants to eat. At each feeding we mark time - about 30 minutes. Exactly enough for turtles to eat enough. Remains of food from the aquaterrarium are removed in order to maintain cleanliness.

How to feed a red-bellied turtle 1

By the way, it's better to feed turtles in a separate basin - it's so much more convenient and cleaner.</ P>

Often the question arises, what to feed the small childrenred-bellied turtles. The same feeds as adults: cut worms, fish, shrimp. You can treat them with a specialized food, which is sold in pet stores.

Day after day

Answering the question, how many times a day to feedred-turtle, note that the main thing - do not forget to feed them at all. Babies should be given food once a day, adult individuals will be enough and 3-4 times a week. Of course, provided that there is enough "fodder" in the aquaterarium.