How to feed a red-bellied turtle

Red-eared turtles are omnivorousReptiles, so their diet should be varied. In natural conditions these lovely creatures feed on small fishes, snails, crustaceans, fry and plankton. The diet is periodically diluted with plant food. But how and how to feed a red-water turtle at home? It is important to take into account a number of important points:

  1. Ration. In the pet stores sold special factoryFeed, consisting of their dried crustaceans, cereals, seaweed and flour. If desired, in the diet can be added chopped earthworms, minced beef ground, pieces of heart, chicken liver. Do not forget to periodically give the turtle boiled fish (hake, capelin, cod, sprat). As a plant food, lettuce, aloe, dandelions, carrots and beets are suitable.
  2. Periodicity. It is very important to know how often to feedRed-turtle, otherwise you just use extra food, which quickly becomes unsuitable in the aquatic environment. Experts advise to feed young individuals 2 times a day, and adults (over 2 years) - once every two days.
  3. Feeding process. So, how to feed the red-ripeTurtle? In general, it is natural for her to eat in water, but this is not very convenient in terms of hygiene. Uneaten pieces of food quickly decompose in water due to what it often has to change. Is there a way out of this situation? You can try to train your pet to take food on land. To do this, you need to put food at the water's edge and eventually move it farther and farther. There is another way - just feed the turtle of a separate container of water. It can be a small basin or a saucepan. After feeding the well-fed red-bellied turtle can be returned back to the aquarium.