Names for turtles

Countless websites offer help withchoice of a name for a cat, a faithful dog or even a horse. But with reptiles, amateurs often come to a standstill, because these funny creatures are not as common as other four-legged shaggy and furry friends. But they are also living beings, having a unique appearance and character. Why not give your friend, covered in shell, some suitable name? Immediately comes to mind the word Tortilla, but it is so banal that I would like to go on a more original way, after finding a slightly more interesting name.

What names give turtles?

Perhaps in this case it is worth dividing them into twothe main groups are land tortoises and waterfowl (red-bellied turtles). If the first have much in common with the ships of the desert, then when choosing a nickname for a representative of the second species, you can use sea names and terms. Therefore, if you like this approach, then you should consider the following options - Water, Barmaley, Jolly Roger, Nemo, Corsair. Desert inhabitants can choose either some Asian name, or something on the Egyptian theme - Cleopatra, Sphinx, Pharaoh, Barhan, Sultan, Emir, Semiramis. Thus, you can easily pick up names for turtles for boys, and names for your girls' turtles.

The most common phenomenon is whencalled turtles by the names of movie heroes. By the way, now these creatures very often began to appear on the screen, let us recall at least famous ninja turtles - Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Many reptile lovers like some unusual and exotic names, but there are simple and at the same time quite suitable Russian names for turtles. They can be given depending on the nature of their "armored" pet. Here are the most accurate examples - Extreme, Champion, Cutie, Razor-tooth, Digger, Rogue, Crumb. You see that in the presence of fantasy, finding an effective name for your funny turtle is quite easy.