how many live turtles

One of the most unpretentious pets,are turtles. Keep them in the house does not cause much trouble, even a child can take care of them. Turtles have no problem getting along with any pets, and do not require a lot of space.

Rules for the care of turtles

At home with proper care andthe fulfillment of all the rules of keeping the life expectancy of a land tortoise may be more than one hundred years. Before you start a pet, you need to prepare a habitat for him, it should be a spacious terrarium in which the animal could move freely. The size of the terrarium should allow you to install a bowl of water in it, so that at any time the turtle could bathe.

Life expectancy of turtles

How long does the turtle live at home,directly depends on the place of residence, equipped for her, but most importantly from the food that the pet is fed. Vegetable food is the main ingredient in the ration of the turtle, it is any vegetables, dandelion leaves, sea kale. Occasionally, not more than once a week, you can give protein foods and vitamins.

How many years has a land tortoise? The lifespan of animals kept at home is significantly different from the life span of animals that live in nature.

Mediterranean turtle, (this species is the mostis common for keeping in house conditions), can live more than 40 years, in the absence of stresses and the availability of various feeds. Documented evidence of a tortoise that lived 152 years is documented, although scientists admit that in a living nature a tortoise can live up to 300 years. Also, the life span of turtles is affected by their size: the larger the turtle, the longer it can live.