The red-bellied tortoises have swollen eyes - how to treat

Sometimes the owners of red-bellied turtles collidewith a situation when their pet swells up or eyes appear edema. Of course, the problem requires a solution, but what to do, what kind of help, if the tortoise has swollen eyes?

Treatment of red-bellied turtles - puffy eyes

The first reason why the red-bellied turtleswollen eyes, you can call an inadequate amount in the diet of carotenoic foods - carrots, liver, milk, egg yolk. Simply put - avitaminosis. Another cause of eye problems in redhead turtles may be a violation of the conditions of the contents - lack of ultraviolet irradiation, dirty water, low ambient temperature.

It is understandable that the question arises as to how to treatred-turtle, if her eyes are swollen? First of all, if the reason for improper care, then reconsider your attitude to this point, and provide your pet with maximum comfort. During treatment, a weakened animal should be separated from other tribesmen if you keep several individuals. Several times a day, water procedures should be performed in the form of baths with a water temperature of 26-28 °. When determining vitamin deficiency, intramuscular injections of vitamin A are prescribed, the course of which is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. Eyes are recommended 2-3 times a day to rinse with a solution of boric acid, and in neglected cases eye ointments with antibiotics are recommended.

And, of course, take care of a full-fledged dietpower supply. Since red-eared turtles are not 100% predators, their diet can be diversified with various plant foods rich in vitamins. Offer your pet duckweed, hornwort (by the way, they can be grown independently in a separate aquarium). With pleasure turtles eat leaves of lettuce, cabbage, dandelion or clover, pieces of fresh cucumber or watermelon crusts. And as a prophylaxis of the disease, it can be recommended to add vitamin preparations to the diet.