Alabai, or the Central Asian Shepherd, refers tothe oldest breed of fighting and guard dogs, the history of the breed is more than 2000 years old. Initially, these dogs were brought up to protect the flocks of sheep from wolves, as well as protecting a person from uninvited guests - people or predators.

Alabai Characteristics

For the Central Asian Shepherd, the following features are characteristic:

  • Moderate aggression;
  • Preventive reaction;
  • strongly developed territorial instinct.

The appearance of Alabai inspires respect - thispowerful enough, strong, tall dog (at the withers of 60 cm) with a massive head and a short, bulky muzzle. Color can be different - white, black, gray, red, tan. Ears and tail most often stop in the first days of a puppy's life.

Training Alabai

The Alabai dog is quite self-willed, independent,calm, freedom-loving. However, with proper upbringing, she will obey the leader of the pack and become an excellent companion to his family and children. That's why you need to give proper attention to training, which for alabai usually begins at 6 months of age, and by 9 months the puppy should already feel the leader in you, be able to wear a muzzle and know the following commands:

  • Prohibition "not allowed";
  • Movement "next";
  • "a place";
  • "to me";
  • "stand".

A dog should be calm about what youtake her bowl, shift food, etc. Purposefully and consistently achieve the title of the leader of the pack, the leader with the help of commands, intonations, actions. You are obliged to lay the dog's proper behavior while she is still a puppy.

Care for Alabama

The Central Asian Shepherd is bestmyself on the street, but can also get used to living in the house. It is not recommended to keep a dog of Alabai breed in an apartment, it will not have enough free space and this can negatively affect its character.

Often, many owners are building a special aviaryfor alabai. The dog feels fine on the street, having a box for sleeping and a canopy from the heat. Do not forget about walking: even living in an aviary, Alabai needs to warm up, feel physical stress.

Dogs of this breed do not require much care, theirThe wool is resistant to dirt and looks good even after long walks through the forest. A strong molt occurs in the spring, if you wish, you can comb the dog on the street, removing the wool. Clean the dog's ears, especially if there are signs of infection, do not forget to clip the claws if necessary.

Sexual maturity Alabai reaches 6-8 months,however, the first mating should be carried out not earlier than 18 months, or the third estrus, and in the dog not earlier than 24 months. On the 9-14th day of the estrus one can begin to mate Alabai. Distinguish between manual and free mating. Free mating is possible if the animals do not show obvious aggression to each other and already have experience in such matters. When hand-knitted, the owner helps his dog, comforting her, holding one by one's stomach. In cases of aggression, you can put on a muzzle.

Alabai is a healthy breed, diseases rarely prevailher. But there is a possibility of dysplasia of the hip and elbow joint, so carefully consider the food of the dog, it should be full of calcium, especially in puppies.

How to feed alabai?

Initially, determine the method of feeding: either completely natural food, or only dry food. Do not mix both ways!

Feeding alabaya with natural foods should include:

  • lean meat (beef, veal);
  • Partially by-products;
  • rice porridge, oatmeal, buckwheat;
  • Alabai shortcomings

  • vegetables.

Feed the dog twice a day, in proportions proportional to the weight of the dog, do not forget about enough clean drinking water!

The disadvantages of Alabai stem from his dignity -Strength and protective instinct. Never forget that before you is a dog that can strangle a wolf, and in the absence of it - another dog. Very attentive to the education of Alabai, you must clearly analyze the situation and adjust the behavior of the dog in it - to praise, forbid or give freedom. You have to do dog training and always feel mutual understanding with your sheepdog. Only then will she become your most loyal friend and fearless protector of your family!