The word "Hovawart" has German roots and means"Guard of the estate, farm." Dogs in the past have actively used to protect property and land from attacks by predators, and large and beautiful animals, called hovawarts, have become excellent watchmen. Over time, a young breed of hovawart dogs, originated in Germany in the XIII century, became interesting not only as a watchdog, but as pets.

A few decades ago, there was little about hawawartsWho knew, because the breed was not popular. There were very few representatives left. Then Kurt Koenig, the famous cynologist, decided to restore the Hovawart breed, the characteristics of which corresponded to those animals that lived about 500 years ago. There are two versions of the Renaissance of this breed. According to the first, several representatives of the Hovawarts were found in the Black Forest and the breed resumed from them. And another version says that modern Hovawart is the result of crossing German shepherd dog, leonberger, newfoundland, kuwas and some other breeds.

The official history of the breed began in 1922,When the first 4 puppies of the hovawart were born in the kennel Koenig. Today operates the International Federation of the Hovawart breed, created in 1984 by fans of these dogs.

Description of the breed

Appearance in these dogs is very impressive. Animals have an average size, the right proportions, a straight back, a sloping croup, a beautiful head. The eyes can be oval and round, but only brown. Wool from Hovawarts has three colors: light red, black and black with tan.

These dogs are kind, sociable, have an excellentHealth. Hovawarts are friendly, easy to learn, independent, persistent, but not badass. The owners of dogs are very devoted. If the family has kids, then hovawart with his cheerful and active temperament will be a good friend to them in games. He is ready even to swim with you! The greatest pleasure for a dog is walking with the owners. Thanks to the hardy nervous system of the animal you will never hear useless barking. Only when the hovawart has something to report to the owner, he gives a voice. And the voice of these dogs is quite loud, so even from barking a small puppy, unwelcome guests flee in panic.

Despite the eternal desire to dominate,The character of the Hovawart will not be a problem if from the very first day the dog is shown who is the master of the house. And if the question quickly decides with people, then become a leader among all the other animals that live nearby, Hovawart will always try.


These dogs prefer a coolClimate, so care for Hovawart is reduced to providing it with clean water in a drinker with free access. One combing per week is enough, because the underwalker does not have Hovawarts. If the winter is snowy, then it is necessary to trim the wool between the pads on the paws so that lumps do not form. There is a dog will be

Hovawart breed

All that you offer her. These animals, because of their high activity, are not inclined to fullness, so the food of the Hovawart must be balanced and complete. Meat, cottage cheese and eggs are indispensable components of the dog's diet.</ P>

As already noted, the Hovawarts are not inclined to diseases, as the breed was not artificially removed.

Hovawarts are rare guests at exhibitions, in parks andHouses of our compatriots. In Russia there are no more than three dozen representatives of this breed, and in Ukraine there are only 10. However, there is a specialized nursery "Harz" in the Russian Federation, where you can still buy Hovawart.